Audio Visualization Blueprints

Hey everyone, I needed to find some information out about using blueprints to build cool landscapes or lighting effects using blueprints. I searched through youtube and could not find anything with a tutorial. If anyone has any information pertaining to building an audio visualizer with blueprints please pass it along.

Here are some youtube links.
It is nice to play with that in the editor, but i think in the current dev state, export to standalone is not possible.

I really liked the video by Scott McCutchen but he brushed over some of the lower level stuff like grouping things into actor classes so that I can call them. Thanks for the info about it not exporting to standalone. Luckily, I am doing this for portfolio purposes rather than needing it for a release. I understand the tagging for setting the objects for each specified frequency range and mapping that to its X size parameter but can not figure out how to route the audio to it.

Yes, me too.
Perhaps they give it a better look in 4.8. Some of the audiopart could need a rework (amateur blahblah).
I would really like to have some sampleplayer options, like on the good old amiga.
Something to set bpm and where you want to start a loop.
Load in a bank of 120 Bpm loops, sorted by use (Drumline, hihat,…)
Sending out visible soundwaves, to animated actors(orchestra), where every actor follows a own rondomnized samplesystem, sattled on a world BPM.
Give them commands to rearrange sounds and to create full procedural music.