Audio track in sub-sequences not playing back when triggering master track- still using 4.21

We set up two subsequences w/ audio tracks in them to be part of a master sequence. The subsequences play audio on their own as expected but not when they are triggered by the master seq. This setup makes so much sense. Is it working for everyone else? Thanks.

We used audio in sub-sequences on Chaos without issue. In fact, I had my own Audio sub-sequence, and then there were a few sub-sequences where audio was stubbed in here or there.

Are you sure that the sub-sequence playback isn’t starting after the audio event start?

Thanks for the reply Dan. Will try setting it up again soon. Response from my dev partner here- " Shouldn’t have been; both audio sequences should have had a start time of zero then fired just like the other tracks inside of the Master sequence as two shot tracks on a single timeline (along with all the other functioning tracks). Since they didn’t exist outside of the Master Sequence as stand alone sequences (like they do right now) - auto-play should have had no bearing on start order either. "