Audio through a specific speaker (5.1 configuration)

Hi all

Simple question. Is there an easy way to force output through a specific speaker (center for dialogue, or rear for scarejumps etc…) in UE4. I’ve seen Wwise can perform this, but I would like a UE4 workflow if available.



In SoundClasses there are options to bleed to center channel and/or output to center channel only.

You can also just spawn and move sounds around the listener, since sounds can be attached to objects within the game space.

That’s precisely what I want to avoid. It’s kind of a last hope solution for me…

I will check soundclass as you pointed.

Thanks a lot !

If you’re comfortable with C++, you could make a pretty simple Submix Effect to do this. But you’ll need to account for many surround channel configurations because you don’t know what you’re users will have.

Thanks Dan.

I will keep you in touch!