Audio that follows Character

Hi, I see two at least easy solutions:

  • Attach an audio component to your character (with some offset so you can have it slightly behind or wherever) and call play sound on it - this is a stronger relation, if you want to keep this Audio component attached to your target
  • if it’s more of a one-shot thing, have a look at GameplayStatics::PlaySoundAttached that will create an audiocomponent, attach it to your target with some specified offset, and play a sound on it on the fly

How do you make a blueprint of audio that will follow a character? I want it to be when he steps in a certain zone the audio will play audio of someone talking and it will follow him so he can hear it.

(Answer from Shadowriver on duplicate post:)

Or you can just place Audio Component to player character/pawn if you want to use it frequently,