Audio Syncing with Video : Archviz Scene

Hi, I don’t if this is the right place for this thread, let me know if I need to post it elsewhere.

I’m trying to edit shots in sequencer to sync up with a music track that runs alongside it. The track doesn’t sync with the shots, ie when I scrub along the timeline and try edit the shots with the music downbeats, the song doesn’t stay in the same place when I play the track, it jumps around, making it impossible to edit the video tracks to the music. Is there some setting I’m missing in order for the music track to sync with the video track.

This happened in my last Archviz project, and I had to export video and edit to music in different editing software. I would ideally like to keep my workflow to Ue4. Anyone else having these issues, I first thought it must be the audio, but now I’m editing with a different song and getting the same issues.

Oh yes, and can I export Audio afterwards, does Ue4 allow me to export the video and Audio together, therefore I dont need to use any external Editing Software? Everything can be done in Ue4.

It’s much better to export to something like an image sequence and then edit the audio and video in a different app, UE4 doesn’t have a good video export option since most people don’t use it.

I thought as much, thanks for confirming. I’ll just use the normal workflow, export using Image Sequences then edit and add music using editing software. It would be awesome if Ue4 could offer this but as you say no one really uses this workflow. Thanks again for the assistance.