Audio: Streaming Feature Bug

I found that the new streaming audio feature will crash Unreal when I try to select a quad file and set it to streaming. My Unreal Editor will crash and I can reproduce this bug 100% of the time.

It works fine for mono and stereo samples, but we put those into a build to playtest and got back these warnings:
[2017.08.31-20.19.09:971][ 98]LogAudio:Warning: Unable to read from chunk 2 of SoundWave’S_AmbPointAbstrBirdGibbonCall_13’

These kind of warnings came up for every sound asset that was set to streaming. Any idea what might be causing these two issues?

Yeah, we don’t support multichannel streaming at the moment. I’ll add a bug to add better protections against trying to do so in future versions. We have plans to offer better multichannel file support in general in the future.

Are you really using 4.12? Audio streaming isn’t really supported very well until 4.17.