[ Audio ] Sound Class - Global Volume Control (solved)

Hello guys, Im working on my Global Volume Control, I have already the Master Volume working, but I got some problem to put the Music and other volume control to work, all child of the Master Volume Sound Class (SC_Master) at the image 3. The Music Volume Control only works if I change the “Default Base Sound Mix” at the World Settings (image 4) to my music sound mix (SMIX_Music), doing this, the Master Volume Control stop working…

Anyone know how to do this works?
My works, but as I said, only 1, the one selected at the “Default Base Sound Mix”

This is what I have atm:

image 1

image 2 - Widget BP (Audio Settings)

image 3 - SC_MAster (Sound Class)

image 4 - World Settings

image 5 - Sound Folder

image 6 - SMIX_Master


I did, now its working. I only need to change the Sond Mix Modifier inside each Set Sound Mix Class Override and add the Push Sound Mix Modifier node and set the correct Sound Mix inside each… like the image below.

Thanks Rgiz :stuck_out_tongue:


How did you setup your bindings for the bar to work

How did you setup the bindings ?

Thank Rgiz

Thank you !!!))) All Work !)