Audio Sequencer Issues

Hello, I’ve had issues with audio in UE5 sequencer, when I play the sequencer at various points on the timeline it only plays from the start of the audio?

Currently doing lip-sync with a metahuman and having to play the whole sequence to get to a specific pose is really taking up too much time for a project I’m needing to finish tonight (11 sec competition)
It was working last night, I’ve restarted UE and my PC several times to see if it fixed it, Unsure if I’ve accidentally done something?
also is there a scrubby-sound function?

Thanks for reading! much appreciated!

Check that the audio asset has “Force Streaming” and “Seekable” checked on.


(why it’s off by default??)

I have the same problem in UE5. I am trying to scrub through or to play it from a certain point and it doesn’t work. Where is that option? I could not find it.

I’m having the same issue I’m unable to scrub the audio, where are the settings?