Audio Sequencer Issue

Hello! I am having a strange issue with the sequencer related to audio. It started happening with the 5.0 release of Unreal Engine and the issue persists in the 5.0.1 update. When I add an audio track to my sequence it plays from the start of the soundtrack no matter where or when I start playing back the sequence. I uploaded a video showing what is happening. Thanks to anyone who could possibly have an idea on what is happening! :smile:

Please consider filing a bug report, especially if it worked in the previous version.
The more reports on a bug the more likely they will fix it.

Ok thank you. I may try reinstalling the engine first. It is strange that I appear to be the only one having this bug, I can not find anyone else having this problem. So I am assuming it is just a problem with me or it is just a simple fix.

Changing the compression method of the Sound Wave Asset should work.

Brilliant! Thank you so much. I knew it was going to be something simple.