Audio Section, nice!

Just wanna say it’s nice to have an audio section :cool: Thanks!

Lol, no problem. We’ll have it populated with stickies and more info shortly.

Yay! Can’t wait to discuss all this.

Will be nice to have a more easily accessed central location for audio questions, a place to share cool things, and have the ability to build up a UE4 game audio community. :slight_smile:

All my sound MoFos say: Yeeeeeaaaa!!!

I’m happy for a dedicated Audio Section too!

I am so stoked about this! Can’t wait to play with the new audio engine and share my experiments with everyone here. :slight_smile:

Just commenting to say I, too, am excited about this new forum. The new engine and upcoming toolset are pretty exciting. I’m glad to have a spot all in one place where we can see what other people are doing and discuss the ins and outs of the new system.


Very happy to see this as well. Thank you Epic!




Well done