AUDIO rain effect inside and outside please help


I am having trouble with trying to make an effect with rain in my level,

I am trying to achieve where outside a house in my level, I have a clip of rain and thunder i created plays,

And when you walk into the house, The rain plays my other Inside rain and thunder clip,

But i have only gotten so far as to using trigger boxes with fade in and out blue prints and it just isn’t working, The problem with this is my house has complex shapes obviously, and my trigger boxes intrude outside of the house at certain parts of the house,

which causes the inside rain to be outside of the house when you walk near the windows, is there anyway that you are able to change the shape of a trigger box and make complex shapes, or is there any other way i should be doing this?

If anyone has used Source SDK Hammer, they have a Entity called Soundscapes, You would place 2 different sound files of either side of the door, Adjust the radius to a small sphere you would then walk into one of them,

It would only play that sound, No matter how far you walked around and even if you walked through the same sound again it wouldn’t replay the sound over and over again unlike how trigger boxes work it would just continue to play that sound,

You would then walk into the other Soundscape entity and that one would take over and only play that sound, this is the effect i am trying to achieve but i am so stuck with this,

I am aware that you can kill a trigger box after you have walked through it, But then if i walk back outside and inside the house i have no rain effect anymore,

If anyone has any idea on how to create an effect like this or similar please let me know, i have been stuck on this for three days now driving me insane lol.

Yes, make your door like this:

Thanks for getting back to me, i haven’t had a chance to have a crack at this yet, but ill give it a go hopefully it works thanks man! :slight_smile: