Audio problems - changing integer for sound

Hey folks my first time exploring UE4’s audio blueprints and I’ve came a little unstuck. I’ve created a sound cue with multiple sounds connected to integer switches. When the game starts one set of audio plays (all integers are set to 0) = this works :slight_smile: When an ingame value reaches a threshold, one of the integers change, the switches ‘switch’ = this works :slight_smile: When the player dies and I want to reset everything back to 0, it keeps playing the switched sound = not what im intending :frowning: Any clues as to what I’m doing wrong?

If you need anymore information (Or have a better solution!) I’m all ears, and eyes.

Thanks in advance.

Blueprints and Sounds Cue setup can be found here

Edit: Solved - I was being an idiot and hadn’t correctly done my ‘gets’, and ‘sets’.