Audio Problem with Pixel Streaming

We’ve encountered a problem with the soud when using pixel streaming. Here’s what’s happening:

A) We log into a remote machine (where UE is installed) via RDP (remote desktop) and launch UE with the -AudioMix and the -RenderOffScreen switch

B) Everything’s in place (WebRTC, stun and turn server, signaling server) and runs fine

C) We use an internet browser (Chrome) on a local machine to play the streamed game. Everything’s still running fine (including soud)

D) Now, we close the RDP connection (i.e. user gets logged off from Windows on the remote machine), but continue playing the game via Chrome on the local machine

E) Sound disappears and doesn’t return. Everything else keeps running smoothly on the remote AND on the local machine. But no sound.

We assume that it’s some energy saving BS on the remote machine that turns off audio the moment, a user logs off, but we can’t find any settings to change how things are handled. Google also didn’t reveal anything useful. Does anyone have an idea, how to keep the remote machine’s sound running?

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Use a virtual soundcard(f.ex voicemeeter) in bettween there to handle things, then UE doesn’t need to know that any OS audio device changes ever happen!

Thanks for your response. This actually seemed like an awesome idea. I installed Voicemeeter on the remote machine and set it as the default audio device. Unfortunately, the problem remains: For as long as I’m logged in on the remote machine via RDP, the sound plays fine on the local machine. Once I close my RDP connection, sound stops (while everything else keeps running as expected).

I also tried to set another audio device as ‘standard’ for the remote machine and then assigned Voicemeteer only to the UE4 app, but the result was the same.

Am I missing something here? Any more ideas I could try out? :slight_smile:

Hm, unsure if it’s related to voicemeeter setup, or other weirdness. Was voicemeeter set up as the OS default device, as well as UE’s output? Is it piping things through?
Or is it the RDP session, stealing audio in/out and messing it up when leaving?
Or was audio never working over pixelStreaming, and we just heard it while RDP’ing because the remote sessions carried the audio then?
Is the volume-meter on voicemeeter still going on the server, even without RDPing in? Can you use a server with a screen, or non-audio-interfering remote access app, to troubleshoot? To know whats going on there without having to RDP in and out.
Try a RDP connection without audio?
etc etc :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been trying to send audio as input from the client to other clients in a multiplayer like environment. Will VoiceMeeter help in this case ?

Hi, Have you found the solution?

nope, we have stopped working in that direction altogether. Making a custom webrtc through HTML and Java.

@ArthurBarthur … did you ever resolve this No Audio with Pixel Streaming? We are running into this with YouTube video playing over Pixel Streaming … we did a quick YouTube video illustrating our problem, is yours similar UE5 Pixel Streaming NO YouTube Audio - YouTube

Any update = anyone get this to work?