Audio plugins (Resoncance Audio, Steam Audio and Oculus Audio) do not work in packaged project

I have used Resonance Audio for spatialization and reverb, and it works well in the editor (UE 4.23). However, when I package the project for Windows all spatialization and reverb effects disappear. The sounds play, but without reverb and spatialization. I have tried switching to Steam Audio and Oculus Audio and get the same error. Spatialization and reverb work properly in the editor (in the selected viewport or in a new editor window), but not in packaged games or as a standalone game from the editor. As I get the same problem for all three plugins I assume that I have missed something fundamental while packaging. Any ideas?

Seems like I have sorted this out now. If I create a shortcut to the exe file of the packaged game and add the suffix -audiomixer (in the same way as the audiomixer is activated for the editor), the sounds in the game work properly. Is there another way of activating the audiomixer for packaged games?

Enable audio mixer by adding these lines to DefaultEngine.ini and forget about command-line argument :slight_smile: