Audio player not playing during pre game

We have a pre game lobby and want music to play while waiting for players. We have the audio player enabled only in pregame and auto-playing on waiting for players. This doesn’t work and no audio plays for whatever reason. We also tried triggering it with a trigger and it still doesnt play. Is this just a bug or is there something we’re missing?

Make sure you have attenuation and spatialization off if the device is far away from your lobby

It is off. There seems to be no reason why it wouldn’t be playing, but it doesn’t play🤷🏻 Have no clue what’s going on

try all the autoplay options until something works. If nothing works, make a BP prop then drag an audio cue to it

What’s a BP prop? Also, what do you mean by dragging an audio cue to it?

Nvm, I see now, we can try that. We have it enabled on roe game only so maybe having it on always will make it work. If not we will try this method

We figured it out. It works with the radio device, but not with the audio player. So the audio player is bugged and I will definitely do a big report on that. Thanks for the help!

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Yes the audio player is for use with small gameplay sound fx only and the radio is for large sound loops.