Audio overhaul- Where do I start?

Hello all, I’ve been working on my own with audio engineering for a few years and I’m looking for some help in overhauling the ark sound design. I’m not entirely thrilled with the newly reworked sounds and I’m looking for a modder to work closely with, to locate files and do the appropriate importing.

Depends what sounds you want to change, if you want to change item sounds then you copy the sound cue, animation montage, animation, rename them, attach your wave file to the sound cue, link the sound cue to the animation, link the animation to the montage, and finally link the montage to whatever item you want to change. Mind you in order for the mod to be stackable, you have to create new items, Dino’s work the same way, except then you have to modify spawners to replace the default dino with your better sounding dino thus making the mod unstackable with any other mod that changes dinos. At least that has been my hellish experience with ARK’s sound system.

If someone knows a better way I would love to hear it, cause there are some sounds I never want to hear again XD