Audio output from sequencer

I cant get an audio file out of sequencer. I can hear it during render and it does the additional playback with a black screen but there is no file to be found

There was a possible fix to your issue that went into hotfix 4.22.2. Do you have that version?

Specifically, the fix was changelist #6113781 for UE-68812.

Yes I do but no luck. Also tried 4.23

Does this repro for you in a new blank project? I did a quick test in 4.23 and was able to get a wav file. If you can get a repro, can you zip up your project and send it to me?

Can you check that you have enable the new audio mixer? The audio output relies on that.
You can do that on Windows like this. Create or edit this file:


Add this line:

Did this. Still no sound output

In 4.25, only had to select option save audio and it worked. didnt have to change anything in .ini or on project startup

I am also facing issue with rendering audio output can u help