Audio On The Marketplace: What Would You Like To See?

Hey guys! I will be submitting music and sound effects to the Marketplace. I’m going to start with some ambient music and one-shot collections tailored for horror games. Beyond that, I’d like to hear from all of you. What sort of music and sound effects would you purchase from the Marketplace?

I would definitely buy a package with general use sounds. Footsteps in different surfaces, weapon effects (swords, guns, etc), doors, switches, etc.

Ambient sounds such as oceans, rivers, pools, dripping water, air conditioning, machinery, birds, wind, thunder, rain, fire, etc. are some of the things I’d personally be interested in.

High quality, realistic gun shots for different kinds of weapons and calibers would always be nice. Maybe also have a little variation so that not all shots sound 100% the same.

This should be of interest to you :smiley:

Fire Arms sounds Library - Creative Commons 0

Music suitable for UT maps :slight_smile:

I would like to have some nature sounds → wind, grass, water, forest, brids,… :slight_smile:

Lots of bloops and whoops, shweeps and bleeps, pings, boings, booms and bangs.

That’s kinda funny, I think any combination of those would make a nice name for an album.

Definitely some nature sounds like water/ocean, wind, different birds and other animals, thunder, rain, fire, …

Also footstep sounds for different surfaces and medieval weapons like swords, axes, bow & arrow, daggers, …

I have a ton of thunderstorm and rain recordings I’ve done over the years, from raging storms to gentle rain and wind loops; will probably submit them this weekend. Also have some ocean loops.

Sword draws and swings would be great. And of course all the general sounds like footsteps, rain, wind, thunder and of course hail.