Audio on level change

I have setup a trigger box to go from one level to the other, however I have a audio track playing, which I want it to continue playing even though I have changed level. So no cuts in the audio between level change. Can somebody help with this?

Interesting question, i wonder if you need to have the audio track update a float / track number, save it on level change, then load the track and the time stamp to continue playing.

if you are going for instant loading there might be a hitch when that happens but it will be close ide imagine.

I decided to test my idea for fun as i was bored waiting for something to render.

my above method works. pretty good actually. if you had a cycle of level music you could also save the audio array number then load the same file and time stamp from the array.

i created a savegame blueprint, in it made one variable called TimeStamp.

then below is the savegame blueprint, then the level blueprint for level one and two, but you can work it out however you wish with your current setup.

Many thanks for this! It does work with the timing of the music, but I still get that cut whenever the level change happens :frowning:

idk if you can do this or not but if you can pre load the next level into memory you might be able to make the transition seem less noticeable OR you could use level streaming, and have your second level stream in as you hit a trigger, unless you are warping away.