Audio Not Working in Editor - How to Specify Audio Device


Audio isn’t working in the editor. No clips are playing back and during play, I don’t hear anything. My audio interface is working just fine, is there some way to specify which audio device I would like to use??? how might a resolve a No Audio issue in the editor

There are several different methods of using audio in this engine. If audio isn’t working it could be any number of things.

Which kind of audio are you trying to use? Blueprint nodes? Audio components? Audio that is dragged directly into the scene? Or is every single one not working?

Exactly, nothing is giving me sound in the editor. I worked on the production already with audio working just fine, I could preview clips, use them on pickups, etc however I came back to the project with no audio registering. I do imagine it’s a sound card issue. Not an audio placement or project settings issue. thnxs!

I’m afraid I don’t know much about fixing hardware other than “keep drivers up to date.” This might not be the right website to ask about this particular issue.

But, at least you know what the issue is. :slight_smile:

Is there no options for specifying audio playback device in Unreal?? That would be strange as most software has that options. It gives control of audio routing with the computer… Would there be another Unreal Forum to ask this question do you reckon?

I meant asking a forum more likely to know general computer hardware issues since it seems to be the sound card. I might be misunderstanding though.

Maybe there is some setting somewhere that can help you in Unreal, but I don’t know what it is. Someone else around here might though.

I’ve never “specified a device” or anything to get my audio to work. But, I just make simple PC games with sound effects and 2D background music.

I see, great advice! I will check it out.

I’m impressed with how simple it is to use audio assets in Unreal, compared to Unity at least. If it works for you great! It did for me until recently… I’m also a sound designer and composer so I am learning game creation solely to start working on the audio aspects of unreal productions. Gotta know everything these days lol

anyhow, ill keep searching with how to fix the audio… just tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything, didn’t do anything…