Audio loudness compression or High Definition Audio

Imagine, that I’am listening guy, who talks whatever-he-talks. While he talking I’am shooting my gun with “weak” bullets. I can hear both guy and gun. Now I’am switching gun mode to “heavy” bullets. When my gun fires I can’t hear guy, effect like speach volume has been divided by 9 (because gun is 10 times louder than guys voice), then after a short time voice becoming louder and louder, until its volume normalized.
Same thing in Frostbite 3 engine, in Battlefield 3/4 when something explodes near player, other sounds become quiet for a second, because sound of explosion is extremely loud. Same with some sort of guns.
Is there any way to do something like that? Is there any volume compressor? Can engine work with 32-bit float sound format? If i play several loud sounds, will be there overdrive (amplitude cut)?

What you’re looking for is “ducking”; you don’t need “high resolution audio” or 32bits sound format for this.

You can easily set it up in UE4 using passive sound mixes (have a look here).

Indeed if you play too many loud sounds at the same time you’ll eventually clip the output - like a hard limiter, as for any sound scene you have to balance your mix.

Thanks. That’s almost that, but i don’t think i need something tough like FL Studio tools (compressors, limiters etc.), so that could be enough.
Now somehow i need to make ducking dynamic, because gun can use almost unlimited types of bullets in case of there is multiplayer with huge amount of players…