Audio Listener Rotation Lockdown

Hi everyone,

So I’m working on a third person project and I set the listener on the character’s head. The problem with this is that because of the way I did it (attaching it to the head bone), whenever I rotate the character, the listener’s rotation is overwritten by the character rotation.

Is there a way to lock down or bypass the character’s rotation so it gets only the location so the BP works as intended? I’ll add the screenshot of the BP I made, the project in which I’m making these tests is just a default Third Person project, also I’m using FMOD to monitor the output and see how is it working.

I have a workaround for this which was to add a scene component attached to the mesh and moved it the the head’s height. If there’s another way I can do this or if I can make it work locking down or bypassing the character’s rotation so only the position is used and the rotation come from the camera, will help me a lot.

A little side note: The float with the 90 units that is located in the Z axis is not needed if the listener’s location is as shown in the image. In fact, there’s no need to split the rotator, however if you’re going to use the scene component THEN you have to use the rotation which can be done either directly on the component’s Z axis rotation or in the BP as I did in the image.