Audio listener position issue after level reload

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on a local multiplayer game with a static, ‘tactical’ kind of camera (almost top down but not quite vertical), and I’ve run into a weird audio listener positioning issue:

  • when the game starts the listener is correctly located on the camera (I can check this with the ‘stat sounds’ command)
  • when the game ends, the current level is reloaded, and for some reason the listener moves to 0,0,0

I also reproduced the issue in a minimal project with the same kind of setup. That project is available here if anyone wants to test it:

It’s a bit of a particular setup because I’m not using the default cameras/pawns spawned on game start. I’ve placed my main camera by hand and set it up to auto activate for player 0. So maybe my issue is related?

Anyway, what’s weirder is I can’t seem to force the listener back to its correct position using the Set Audio Listener Override node. I’ve tried attaching it to the CameraComponent of my Player Controller’s ViewTarget, but it doesn’t have any effect, as if that component was now located at 0,0,0 (but if I print its position, of course it’s on the camera)…

It’s starting to drive me a little crazy, any hint would be greatly appreciated :rolleyes:

For future searchers: The workaround for this bug is to use the new unreal audio mixer(on by default in new projects from 4.22 and on).