Audio Joe: Paranormal Extermination - Student Project

Hi! I just wanted to share a game we (Chemical Narwhals) have developed in last 12 weeks for our game dev module at the University of Derby. We consist of a team of 7 artists and 4 programmers.

We had to create a game around the theme of ‘Soundscapes’, making decisions based on hearing and seeing. The game mechanics also must be tightly coupled with sound effects. The objective was to produce a vertical slice, that represented roughly 10 - 15 minutes of continuous game play experience.

What is Audio Joe?
Audio Joe: Paranormal Extermination is a 3rd person shooter, based in a stylised environment, with stylised characters. The objective is wave-based, and presents itself in an arcade-style survival game, taking gameplay inspiration from games such as Call of Duty Zombies. The art style and atmosphere can be best described as ‘Ghostbusters meets Luigi’s Mansion’.

During the 12 weeks of development, we set out to create a vertical slice composing of the ‘Mansion’ level, four enemy types with different abilities/attacks, four player weapon types with different effects, and an open and player progressive environment.

Who is Audio Joe?
Audio Joe is an ex-radio DJ called Joe Roadie. His job is to remove hostile ghosts from a haunted mansion, collecting ammo from sounds within the environment.

This is a trailer for a game. (Please bear in mind that this is a short vertical slice of what the game could be)

You can also download the demo for free at

We also got to showcase our game at the Games@Derby expo, and we couldn’t be happier with feedback we got from that. We were also honoured to receive the “Best Game” award from the Triple-A Studio Playground Games, who also invited the whole team down to their studio for a visit.

Our team:
Nathan Rogers: Project Manager & Animator
Adam Butler: 3D & Technical Artist
Leigh Champion: Lead Artist
Daniel Clamp: Lead Programmer
Ben Stevenson: ‘AI Director’ Programmer
Alex Truman: Character Artist
Sophie Rack: Character & Prop Artist
Kat Wojna: VFX & Prop Artist
Matthew Collier: 2D & Prop Artist
Ben Daykin: Programmer
Chris Hardman: Programmer

Chemical Narwhals (Originally: Nathan, Adam and Leigh), also worked on a hand painted, China style racing game last year, which can be found here: Hand painted China style Racing game - University of Derby - Game Development - Epic Developer Community Forums

We hope you like what you see, and thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

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Hey great to see you’ve posted this up on the forums!!

Really stood out at the Derby Student Showcase - I loved the gameplay concept and the art style, and great work on the execution :smiley:

Cheers thank you! :slight_smile:

Final Screenshots: