Audio issues with component overlapping

Hello, I’m very new to Unreal and after spending about an hour on the internet trying to figure out what my issue is I’m stumped.

I’m trying to make a blueprint so that when two objects collide an audio clip plays and when they stop colliding the clip stops. I followed this tutorial at first but replaced the “on event hit” node with “on event actor begin overlap” and it would play sound when I clicked play but shouldn’t have been colliding with anything. I then found this ancient forum post and tried to use the same solution but with the “is overlapping actor” and a true/ false branch, which disabled all of the audio.

sorry for the poor image formatting but the first image plays the audio from the start regardless of if the two actors are colliding, the second plays no audio at all, and the third does the same as the first.

what am I doing wrong with the blueprints? both actors have the overlapping on and if I read the documentation right should meet the requirements. Am I making my object overlap with itself somehow and trigger this? That’s the only other explanation I can think of, but like I said I’m very new to Unreal.

any guidance at all would be very much appreciated!