Audio is still playing although the BP tells it to stop.

Hey, guys

I am working on a Main Menu. It has button (playgame) to start the first Level (level001Penth).
The menu itself is a widget constructed in an empty level.
Inside this widget BP i have a node structure for deactivating the MenuWidget itself, loading the loadingscreen, streaming the next level and erasing the loadingscreen.
Besides that I have music playing in a loop in the main menu. As you can see in the attached screenshot of the BP its an animation with audio only. It starts with the construction of the main menu widget and ends SHOULD end after pressing play and deactivating the main menu widget.
But it wont stop!
It goes on playing. I cropped the music to about 10 seconds ( full length is about 1 minute) and remarkable is, that it loops the 10 seconds perfectly while in the menu. Then I press play and it finishes the 10 seconds but goes on with the rest of the music.

I think I made a stupid mistake there as I am still pretty new to UE4.

Thanks in advance

Hey FloBoh-

I noticed that you posted this issue here as well: Audio wont stop playing although the BP tells it to stop. - Audio - Epic Developer Community Forums

I will be closing this post in order to focus attention for your question in the other thread.