Audio is 2D, How do you make it 3D Audio?

I Placed some music in the game, but it’s 2D Sound, it just plays where ever i go/Wherever i turn.

How do i make it so that sound is in just ONE spot, and whenever i turn, the sound could be on each ear like 3D Audio?

You need to set up attenuation settings for your sound, with attenuate and spatialize selected. You will also need to make sure that the sound is mono not stereo, so that the sound can appear to come from a single point. This has caught me out before, maybe we can revisit it at some point and try to make it a little more user friendly.

Thank you, and that’ll be very helpful. when it comes to sound on UE4 I’m a little confused lol i’m used to unity’s sound engine.

I have positional audio working OK but how do I make sure I can still hear it if my back is to the sound source? It completely cuts off the sound as if my ears cease to exist just cos I’m facing forward (I imagine a square on face away should be just like when looking at it but a bit quieter - ie both left/right channel but slightly muted).

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Also in headphones at least the sound direction mixing seems a little sharp perhaps, ie too severe when turning left right - not very natural. Thanks for any advice.

Yeah everytime the sound is to my back, it completely gets cut off unless the sound is in front of me, or either to my left and right sides. Can’t hear sound from back. Idk why.

I’ve never heard of this issue before, nor can I reproduce it myself with a simple test setup, it there any more info you can provide on how to reproduce this (possibly add a new question as a bug report)? Like you say, something directly behind you should still be heard in both ears, the only exception I can think of would be with a surround sound system and there being some problem with the rear speakers.

Thanks to the guy who answered the bug I entered for this, in my case it was due to inadvertedly having my system audio set to 5.1 surround instead of plain stereo! I never set it that way but driver crashes for my external firewire (Steinberg MR816 audio interface I use for audio recording) had somehow during auto reinstall set itself to 5.1 without me even realising. I set back to stereo and confirm I can now hear sounds with my back to them. Phew. Sorry guys!

if you are using a 3rd person character the the back turning problem may be caused by the fact that the audio is being picked up at the camera location and not the character model location.