Audio Input Issues removing mic silence settings

there’s a threshold in a namespace MicSilenceDetectionConfig in VoiceConfig.h that is used in VoiceCaptureWindows.cpp
it’s used to prevent the VoiceCapture component from sending voice data below some threshold.
we tried setting it in blueprint with a node SetMicThreshold and in code by modifying the static Threshold float variable. we’ve gone then via debugger through the mic input buffer processing and it still stays at its default 0.08.
that’s checked, rechecked and certified. this threshold stays 0.08 forever even if you use the dedicated node to change it.
we just need to change this threshold, if anyone can help us understand how to change this (ideally from project source code).

The function the gate seems to be applied at is here: FVoiceCaptureWindows::ProcessData()

This is the node that also doesnt seem to work for us:…old/index.html


This was a known issue that ended up getting fixed in 4.20- for any optimized builds, the compiler would inline the static threshold variable.
This was fixed with these two commits:
39d28a352200e06ce7876252982741d2d90725d7 (initial fix)
92959b84d9e59cbd7c1dd6126716382fa9dbc1b4 (include path fix) Hope this helps!

Thanks for the timely response!

This helped us not waste any more efforts ripping our hair out, and implemented a patch based on your post!

thank you