Audio guy / composer looking for work

Hey, I’m a composer and sound designer located in Norway looking for some extra work. I recently finished my master’s degree which is about the influence between production and composition within contemporary classical music. I therefore wrote about an hour of mixed music (meaning acoustic and electroacoustic) for the thesis, as well as recording and mixing everything. The music I’ve done ranges from solo pieces to a mixed choir.

I’m currently looking for more work as things have been a bit slow on the job front recently. I can write compositions as well as do sound as well as some implementation. I’m currently learning Unity and the Unreal Engine, and I have some experience with FMOD as well. I have also produced several albums of music, and recorded many concerts. I’m also able to program in Pure Data, MaxMSP, Csound and Python if it could be useful. I have knowledge of classical music as well as contemporary music and other more experimental genres, as well as having had the chance to study under some of Norway’s leading contemporary composers. I’m also VERY interested in algorithmic and procedural music if that could fit your game.

In the enxt few weeks I’ll be writing a lot of new short compositions as a portfolio that includes a bit more tonal music. However you can listen to some stuff I have done on here: Ars Arcanum Productions | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I will be updating that Soundcloud pretty quickly. If you want to hear more music and/or read my thesis, please feel free to contact me on here. I speak Norwegian, English and French so chose whichever language is easier for you.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you, -M

Still available for work, I also have a website that should be up in the coming weeks with examples of concert works, music for media, production, arranging and programming.