AUDIO Editing Help!! Train Sim World!

Hi Folks,

 I am a audio modifier for past Train Simulation games, and Train Sim World is a game using Unreal Engine.  I have since downloaded Unreal engine, and several versions, but still am unable to figure out how to modify the sounds in this game. I have seen it done only once, it is still new to the community, and of course I have tried to read up on it, but I still don't know how to even get the game into Unreal, or for that matter, take a sound file, and modify it in Unreal, then, simply use the same file name, and replace it. I have certainly uncompressed the game file, so I have access to the .UASSET files, but still need assistance.. If there is anyone out there who might be able to help, excellent. I'd be willing to pay someone for their time.


This request you should have posted in the Modding forum. Modding - Unreal Engine Forums

Previously cooked assets cannot be loaded into the editor, so if you wish to modify the game you have to submit your request to the developers who may provide you the modding environment for this work. Modding usually consist of additions of assets to the game, where you can override the use of certain assets to enable the game to use it. You can maybe try to cook a non-pak project (where you can have the individual files) with the similar editor version they used to make the game release, then you can replace the original uasset file. If the game is shipped with PAK’ed content that most certainly will complicate the modification for you, i don’t think the game will access your individual files but you can experiment with these settings.

Better to contact the developers and they will inform you once they are interested :slight_smile: