Audio dropouts when using Modular Synth and Sound Cues


I’m doing a PhD into nonlinear time using Unreal Engine as tool to create an interactive experience. I’m very early on in my project and am experimenting with the tools available within Unreal.

With this example I am using a mixture of the Modular Synth and Sound Cues triggered using movement in AR. I have created a ThirdPerson project to help compose and test the sound and I’m experiencing audio drop-outs and stuttering after several seconds.

I currently have 2 modular synths playing and 2 sound cues, one using a Submix with a reverb effect on. The piece plays for around 20 seconds eventually stuttering and dropping out intermittently. The synths and sound cues are using one shots and use a timer connected to distance to increase and decrease when they are triggered. I know reverb is power hungry, but even with it off I am experiencing the same issue.

I have adjusted the audio settings in Project Settings, but it always seems to do the same thing, however I adjust the buffer size, or change the buffers to enqueue, number of channels etc. I’m hoping someone can help me diagnose the problem/find a solution. I am on an MSI gaming laptop with 16 gb RAM, Intel core i7 8750H CPU ) 2.20ghz, NVIDIA Geoforce GTX 1070. Not the best for game dev I know, but I have done multiple other projects on it with many more audio assets without any problems.

Below are a few screenshots of my Blueprints and audio settings. Any help would be much appreciated.

Audio Settings

A Sound Cue oneshot triggered with a timer

Using the Modular Synth to play a bassline.

Changing the amount of effects depending on location.