Audio Designer - Professional, passionate and extremely friendly, is looking for a project or team.

Good Time of the day fellow developers.

Let me introduce myself.
I’m an Audio Designer / Composer who is very passionate about everything that sounds, games, movies, presentation, trailers, videos- you name it.
Had a great chance to participate in such a projects like Guitar Hero Live, Forza Horizon 3, VR46 and some more recently released or will shortly be released AAA titles.
Also was working on the BMW and Jaguar-F Pace brand new cars Projection Mapping presentations.
A lot very nice and friendly Indie Projects also were included on a list.

I am ready to start working on the project or have an online call to talk about what is the aim of the project or what would be the vision of how it should sound and just to have a friendly chat as Im always glad to talk, discuss or just chat anytime.

Some honest features that might be interesting to know:

  1. Creativity - 100%
  2. Technicality - 65%
  3. Communicative - 100%
  4. Programming - 15%
  5. Friendliness - 100%
  6. Availability - 90%
  7. Speed - 80%
  8. Flexibility - 100%
  9. Punctuality - 100%
  10. Man of the word - 100%

Also there are some links which could be interesting for you to check out:

Linkedin Profile:

WEB Page:

Skype: myminigemini


Thank you for your time and attention

And hope to hear from you soon

Have a creative and productive weekends.

Kind Regards