Audio component will not destroy

Running into an IOS only issue, hope you guys have some ideas. We have two sound cues that handle all of our music: one as an actor in the main menu level and another that is directly attached to the player as a sound component for the other maps. The issue is, seemingly randomly, when we navigate from a gameplay map to the main menu level and then back, we start getting the creepiest overlap of all kinds of audio tracks ever. It starts with music and then starts affecting pretty much all of our sound files.

We’ve tried setting Max concurrency values to 0 and 1 (in case 0 was a sort of “everything goes” option), investigated sound class and mix options, set up scripts to destroy the player actor and audio components when switching maps. None of this is working.

However, curiously, when we debug using the “listaudiocomponents” command on the ipad, it tells us there’s a duplicate audio component in the possession of either the player, or a duplicate player actor. We’ve set up checks and confirmed that neither of these is the case (the audio component is a solitary component assigned to the character blueprint and a 2 second timer script checking for all instances of the player character only returns 1). Any suggestions?