Audio Component not compatible with Play Sound at Location?

For some reason an Audio Component is not compatible with the node “Play Sound at Location” even though you select Audio Components from the drop down list when you create that node? I find this very confusing. The only way to allow audio to be pauseable in the game is to spawn it at location but if you want to store the audio file in question inside a blueprint it becomes an audio component and not a SoundBase that the Play At Location node requires. Anyone know why this is?

Maybe I should get more specific… How does one go about making the Sound file of an Audio Component Public? I’ve tried everything I can think of but it’s pretty much impossible. I’ve tried creating a separate SoundCue file and making that public which works, but it’s also not compatible with the Audio Component which makes no sense cause when you create and Audio Component you can specify the cue file inside the blueprint.

This was really confusing to me, too. Not really a direct answer, but here is a well-explained answer to another question that reframed for me how I should proceed: Different ways to play a sound - Audio - Epic Developer Community Forums