Audio Capture setup?

I have added the Audio Capture Component to my player pawn, however Audio Envelope Value posts only 0’s to the print string, even when the component is activated, any idea why this is happening? My Mic is the only input device activated in my computer and I have a print string telling me that my mic is in use

Thank you for the help

It is running in this example(project DL link in video description), does it work for you if you try it?

I downloaded the project and tried to understand what was different between your AudioCaptureComponent and my own. Even after removing the Effects bit and turning off Output to Bus, it still works in your project but not my own. I’m so confused to why mines not working. Is there something in the project or editor settings that I am missing?

I have checked your project and removed some of the components from your AudioCaptureComponents Effects to make them match mine. Your project still works without them, however mine doesn’t and I dont understand why. Is there a setting I have to change in project settings? Or something else? Im not exactly sure what Im missing, thank you for your help by the way

In your project, is the audio capture plugin enabled? And the new audio engine enabled?

Yeah, both of them are enabled

Component activated? Mic registers audio and is default input device? Running out of ideas mayne

yeah both activated and my microphone are connected Haha

I’m out of ideas also

Anyone else got any suggestions T_T Im desperate haha

Arthur, I’ve gone back and looked at your project and examined a few more things. I even went to the extent of making a new level and a new BP for a microphone, doing the exact setup from my project but from scratch. Somehow it worked.
I have Audio Capture Plugin installed on my project (otherwise I couldnt use the component)

Is there any editor or project settings that you may have different from the default

Hmm, I really don’t think there’s any more settings regarding that! 500% percent sure the new audio engine is on? Care to double check? A sure test: Is it possible to create f.ex new submix assets in content browser?