Audio Blueprints: How Do I Avoid "Delay" Node Interference?

Anytime I need to use a delay node in a blueprint where an audio event needs to play, the delay node pauses or repeatedly restarts the audio playback, whether the audio is significantly before or just after the delay. Is there some way to avoid this? I’ve taken to using excessive amounts of Sequences in an effort to circumvent this, and next will be trying custom events, but I’m hoping there is a better way.

Wow! That’s a strange one… I use delays with audio routinely and have never experienced what you describe. Can you take a screen grab of the simplest blueprint graph that reproduces this issue and upload it here?

I no longer have any as I reworked them all but I will recreate one in simple form and post a video shortly. Thank you for your reply.

I attempted to reproduce the issue and I find I am unable to even after multiple attempts. Strange as yesterday I couldn’t stop it from happening, and now today I cannot make it happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m not sure what is going on either.
But to best explain, any delay triggered was sending out a single tick to start the audio, then reticking for the extent of the delay to the very next node in the chain, so if that happened to be audio, it would stutter until the delay fully finished, then play as usual. Additionally, from the more recent branch or timeline, the nodes highlighted in the debug view would remain highlighted until the delay finished (which is normal for visualization purposes) but if a “play” or “fadein” node was in that range, it would repeatedly play the first 0.1 seconds of the audio file (0.1 being the tick rate of the BP class in control.)
Yet today, I cannot make it happen again. I have reworked all the blueprints to use custom events to call the audio, and for the songs at least, that works, especially in the event I need other music triggers moving forward it has actually made that much easier. But I will have to go and put back the thunder cracks where they belong, as it just made more sense to not use a custom event for them.

However, for reference, this was one of the culprits (currently messy as I had to reassemble it as it had been at the time of the issue, so it is half old and half new)- The delay at the right was repeatedly triggering the play node all the way to the left for the 1.5 second duration:

Hey Gunny, I’m not understanding what you mean by the delay on the right was repeatedly triggering the play node on the left. Wouldn’t that go against the flow of logic (left to right)? Also looking at your script, for debugging, I would remove the “random int” gate to rule that behaviour out of the equation… just a thought.

another idea for you is to try using the “Do Once” node (macro) to prevent the erroneous multi-triggering of events. I use it a LOT for audio. The only caveat being it needs to be reset to let another event through when the time comes, of course.

I’m glad your issue has been resolved—mysterious though it may be. Peace, -jt

That is why I was so confused. But at least I can’t seem to reproduce it. I must have messed up something triggering the event and forgot what it was so am unable to reproduce the issue.