audio based mobile VR experience


Looking to create a VR app on my android which just allows you to walk around in a small enclosed area with things reacting to the audio playing in the background.

I’ve got it setup to deploy to an s7 Edge and oculus gear vr. I can load an empty level easily enough and press the touch pad to walk forward.

On the PC side i looked at a couple of videos about audio visualisers and using the audio plugin to get soundwaves to control objects. I set it up to change the intensity of some spot lights but soon realised this isnt supported on mobile? so i then tried using the same method to change the Z scale of some boxes, all these work on the PC, not amazingly, they look a bit sketchy at the moment but none of this is working on mobile.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction for getting things to react to audio on mobile VR? what is n isnt doable?


Alas, I believe most of the visualizers are experimental at this point, and so will only run on PC. It’s certainly possible, but will likely need custom code to run on mobile.

ah ok, thanks for the reply. I’m no good at the coding side of things. I’ll just have to experiment with what I can.