Audio attenuation values are confusing.

…I’m pretty sure they are… basically the min and max values do not make sense.

I have a 2d sidescroller with my camera 10000 units away from my pawn. All audio, actors, pawns are at X = 0 at all times.
My attenuation (reverb) settings are:

Min Send Distance: 10000
Max Send Distance: 15000

This works as expected. When my pawn is right on top of the audio source (placed static in world) no reverb is heard, as soon as I move away the sound reverbs - keep in mind my camera is 10000 units away from my pawn so this is correct.

My attenuation (air absorption) settings are:

Min Distance Range: 1000
Max Distance Range: 3000
(LP Freq min: 20000)
(LP Freq max: 100)

…and these are the values I had to put in to seemingly get the air absorption/low pass filtering to work in a similar way to the reverb settings. With the Max set to 3000 I would’ve expected the LP filter to always be hitting the max as my camera is always at least 10000 units away from the audio.

What’s going on here? My attenuation ranges are way different. It looks like the air absorption settings look at distance to owned pawn (which makes sense as you can occlude objects) when everything else look at distance to camera?

This, at best, seems like bad implementation. If this is not simply wrong I would suggest Epic put in enumerators to allow you to pick if it’s distance to pawn or camera these values should apply to. I’d prefer to allow my 2d game to use distance to pawn as I’d like to keep the camera distance dynamic without affecting the sound…


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