Audio Assets

Good Morning All,

Just wanted to gauge interest on what the community needs Audio wise. Vo? Effects? etc?


vo of course :slight_smile:

Best are more focused packs that have more sounds for one theme.

Let me explain on example:
I rather get pack that is focused on SciFi weapons theme only and has 500 sounds for it, then get pack that has SciFi and Modern weapons with 250 sounds each. Reason for this (its not as obvious as with modelss, but still there) is after buying such pack unless you make next one with same theme its almost impossible to get additional sounds. Everybody does things a bit differently and you can hear this even in sfx sounds.

So I bought rather big sfx pack (its of good or even great quality, and its big), but it suffers from exactly what i wrote above. There are some voices saying general things: male female and robot. But there is only male version of radio communication, so only male can speak trough radio. Result is that either i use that radio voices or use robot and female.

So If you would think what packs you like to create, and follow some themes for bit longer than single pack, I probably would buy all packs that fit theme of my game. Think that you are making for eg. medieval game, and what kind of sounds you need. If sword has 5 different hit sounds make it that axe also has 5 different hit sounds that correspondent to those from sword, then do same for heavy sword, crossbow, bow etc. I know it gets boring really fast while making same (or close variations) over and over again, but games need such libraries.

So I think we are on the same page! This is encouraging. So we have an approved HQ Male (Female coming soon) Cyborg/Robotic VO pack($19.99 price model) coming to the market soon. It contains some 70+ Phrases/Impacts/Hits/etc. it is geared toward NPC characters, such as Enemies/Companions and units in games like Starcraft.

While we could definitely produce weapon sounds, I’m wondering if VO is more beneficial to the community , as there are already countless SFX packs available all over the web. If that is the case, any ideas?requests? for your current or future projects?

Thanks for the feedback!