Audio assets

What type of audio assets are devs looking for on the unreal marketplace?

Epic orchestral peices to go along with the stunning graphics of some type of mideval game? Or some chiptunes for a side scroller thing?

There is no Car/Vehicle (Engine, gear, Noises, etc), on marketspace.

I do have some effects that sound like helicopters and mopeds. Maybe if I expanded on that pack I could help some people out. But there are other sound effects librarys I know of that seem like they came straight out of the transformers movie im not going to lie.

I am looking for sets of SFX sounds (no more music please, market is full of that already).

By sets i mean sounds that are fitting together, for eg:
2-3 different sounds for plasma/scifi gun
then some hit sounds of that plasma
then some explosions cause by that same plasma
then i need fitting sounds for plasma gun, like reload overheat, out of ammo.

Finding single sounds is not problem, but they never work together.

then finding ambient sounds (not ambient tunes) of machinery that sounds like it is from same universe as plasma is even harder.

So best would be if you could deliver complete sound packs, like weapons, machinery, doors and lifts, robots etc. And all of those sound from packs worked well together.

This same problem applies to most of art on marketplace, i can buy several environmental sets and several characters, but it is impossible to gather coherent library to do any game. Authors that produce assets for marketplace should make all packs compatible (or look like they could be from same game).

So a sample library of sounds containg differnt folders for example- folder 1 laser gun, folder 2 helicopter_space helicopter folder 3 door samples ect…
While of course being similar sounding and complete
A Big lirary of these sounds probably wouldent hurt

Hello guys,

I recently released a music asset pack (orchestrated theme music for differet genres). Since I already got some nice feedback and also had some sales too, I’d like to reply/ask specificly to the quoted line above:

Do developers in the Unreal scene really think, the audio asset section of the marketplace is more then satisfied already? Especialy when you look for music with high & detailed quality standards, like so many assets from other categories have. In contrare to that, I’d like to ask: is there a specific genre or theme you would maybe indeed like to see some more varity of music assets in?


Yes, I don’t understand the need for music assets on unreal marketplace since there is nothing engine specific format about “music”. If a sound designer puts some specially edited soundfx like looping ambient fx or menu click fx, then maybe yeah. But for me, if I need music I’ll just look for it on soundcloud or similar sites.

Just my two cents…