Audible click when stopping oldest sound

Hi there,

I couldn’t find any info about this. When I play a sound and it stops the oldest one let’s say, it stops it abruptly so there is audible click because the sample didn’t stop on zero-crossing. I would like from Unreal to make a really short fade out (5 - 10ms) and then stop the sound. I know it could be possible to do it in blueprints for a particular sound but I would like it to be done for every sound when the concurrency settings are being used so the sound determined to be stopped doesn’t make this click.

Has anyone ever tried to handle this issue please? Any help would be really appreciated

Thank you

Hey Eurok0, this is definitely on our radar, and while it’s not a bug, we have talked about different ways we might tackle a feature like this. Generally, Sound Concurrency could probably benefit from a more elegant voice manager that more gently kills voices.

As you mentioned, there are definitely work-arounds until we get a chance to implement something like this.

Depending on your scenario, you could explore using the Volume Scale which lowers the volume of sounds incrementally as more sounds are added. This would lessen the possible discontinuity on the kill depending on how many sounds and by how much you’re scaling.

Thanks for the info. The volume scaling is exactly what I thought about and tried. It did kinda help, but it basically only lessens the click and unfortunately it isn’t a real solution. Is there maybe a different workaround please? No problem if it involves tweaking the code a bit too.

I’ve gotten around issues like this in Fortnite by not using Concurrency to control voice count, but Blueprint control of two or more AudioComponents, and fading one out as another one starts. Obviously this can’t be used everywhere, but it’s helpful for very obvious cases. Hope that helps.