Attuned: An Elemental Journey [WIP - 3D puzzle/platformer]

Hey guys!

This is a 3D puzzle platformer adventure(ish) game that a few of my friends and I have been working on heavily since January.

You play as Ellie, a young elementalist, who is finds herself stuck in a new world. Using the power of the basic elements, you can manipulate the world to help find the pieces of artifacts she needs to get home.

About the game:
We’re planning to have 4 regions (or worlds), each a different environment.
Each world will have 24 levels each in increasing difficulty.
Each world has their own unique puzzle mechanic, some of which will overlap into other worlds.
Each element (or attunement) grants Ellie a special set of powers and drawbacks.

  • Air gives Ellie the ability to use air vents to jump to higher heights, or use air vents to hover. Conversely, it makes it very light.
  • Fire gives Ellie the ability to burn down burnable walls… it also burns down some paths that she takes.
  • Water allows Ellie to slip through various cracks. Both in walls and in floors. Also grows plants.
  • Earth lets Ellie use special teleporters to allow her to teleport to another location on the map, and reorient herself and gravity. If the teleporter exit is upside down on a 45 degree slow. She can walk on it. It’s pretty MCEscher ish.

Pictures! (these are big, is there a way to make 'em smaller?)
We’ve begun the first phase of art creation for the first world, Realm of Eternal Autumn. Still some things are placeholders, like the grass that defies gravity and the laws of nature!

The second world is the Domain of the Clockwork King, an underground cavern system inside a walking mechanical mountain.

The third world is The Shivering Reach, an arctic environment. This is the world where I’m currently making the levels. Realm of Eternal Autumn and Domain of the Clockwork King both have all their levels at least blocked out.

Character concept art for Ellie in each of her attuned states.

I’ve been trying to put out development videos when I can and have some interesting mechanics/news to share.
Here is the latest one and here is the playlist of them.

I’ll update this as more stuff happens and pops up. Hope to have a proper trailer ready in the coming months.
You can follow for more live updates though on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch. You can see our website for links to all 3.

Thanks, and hope you like it :slight_smile:

This low poly art style has become really popular, but I like it :). I’m curious to see some gameplay.

You could potentially reuse a lot of assets but play with colours? The first images reminded me of this gamasutra post.

Man that low poly art style is so well done keep it up!

Oh hey, I missed this article when I was doing research. I’ll make sure to read through it. Thanks!


I forgot to add the concept art for Ellie, so I’ve done that now.

Very cool! :slight_smile:

Been working on the cavernous puzzle environment a bit this morning. I wanted to have a non-dark/dreary cave like many games seem to do, so I tried to mix actual colors that aren’t just greys/dark blue. This was the result. Might be too strong of color contrast, might be not enough. I’m not sure, but this is definitely the direction I’d like it to go. Crits are nice if anyone wants to throw 'em out.