Attribution & How not to get sued?

Hello. I am close to publishing my frist game. I used some models from here and there, some sounds, some photos. All royalty free. So, where do I attribute the authors? In ‘credits’ button in game’s main menu, in a text file, on steam page… Where?

Credits button maybe

You need to read the guidelines of what the author says you need to do to be able to use it, in some cases they want to be credited for their work.

The question was, how to credit them? Where exactly to mention?

If they only request to give them credit, then any public place is ok, a readme file or in the store page if good enough.

However some request to be credited inside the game itself. In this case there are plenty of ways:

  • credit button (the easiest one);
  • passing the list of names at the end of the game, when it passes a certain amount of time of game inactivity or when you pause the game;
  • a small line of horizontal scrolling text at the bottom of the screen giving the credits, for example at the menu screen;
  • depending on the game, you can credit them in the gameplay itself, for example, a poster in a wall;