Attenuation Shape - Cones

I have a question, or potentially a request regarding the cone audio shape.
At the moment the Falloff distance doesn’t seem to apply to the lpf, meaning that whilst it sounds OK when moving off at an angle from the inner cone, when you leave the end of the inner cone (A in attached image) the lpf just snaps from fully off (inside the cone) to fully on. If you think of a tannoy when you’re off-centre the sound attenuates and is filtered but if you remain central there’s no lpf drop off - since you’re still getting the direct sound. (Just like a cone light only fades when you’re off-axis). It’s not a perfectly physically accurate representation (since off-axis lpf attenutation would be quite different from the lpf over distance when on-axis) but for the time being it would be great if we have the falloff distance also apply to lpf.


Thanks for reporting this issue- I’ll pass it on to QA/engine to get fixed up. Snapping from on to off like that isn’t good :).

Hey billy, do you mind posting a snapshot of your attenuation settings? Thanks.

This is just to link the AnswerHub question to this post:

Hmm, OK so I don’t know if you guys fixed this already or if it was my mistake in the settings but I can’t seem to recreate this so it may not be a bug. I guess now I’d say more a feature request that lpf apply between cone angle and cone falloff angle - since the chief characteristic of these types of sources (tannoys, human voice) comes from the strong filtering when off-axis rather than the actual changes in volume when off axis.