Attenuation: How to get the low pass audio sent to the reverb?

Hi, I’ve been banging my head against UE’s audio system for a bit… it seems a little messy so hope they keep working on it. Either way:

I am using attenuation and have an extreme Air Absorption setting for debugging: I am filtering from 20k to 0 over a small distance along with using reberb for attenuation at a much larger distance.

This made it clear to me the reverb is not using the filtered audio as the Air Absorption quickly filters it all out and I can hear the reverb playing the unfiltered signal only. I would’ve expected the filtered audio to get sent to the reverb by default as that is of course how sound would behave most of the time - if the sound source get muffled (LP filtered) the reverb tail also get muffled.

What’s the proper way to set this up?