Attenuation for Footsteps in Multiplayer


We are not sure why, but we dont know how to setup an audio attenuation for the footstep sounds we have.
So the Footstep Sounds are coming from an Custom Event with a Select which has all Footstep Sounds inside. Everything is bound to the players foot.

Our Goal is to hear the active players footsteps and the footsteps from another player, only when he is inside the Radius of our Audio component which is attached to the player.
We attached a Audio Component to our Player and enabled Override Attenuation. We also checked the Size of our inner radius and the falloff. It´s about 5 time bigger then our player.

The Sound Slot in the Audio Component is empty, because it´s not only one sound. We are using 7 different Footstep Sounds.

The problem is, the other player is hearable, no matter where he is walking.
Another thing is, that the Sound Attenuation should be calculated from the standingpoint of the Player and Not from the Camera. (Third Person)
Can somebody guide us?

Thank you,