Attenuated Audio doesn't play in render when attached to an object? 4.27

Encountered this a few times. I have a sequencer that is a mix of different camera shots etc. Inside that sequencer i have some audio WAV that is playing through an attached moving actor with attenuation attached to it. It plays fine when playing back in the camera cut in engine, but when i render it out with MRQ, that audio isn’t included, the only audio in the exported file is completely separate audio that has no attenuation radius or attachment (global audio). Why is the “3D” audio not part of the audio export?

I have tried:

  • Adding an Audio track and attaching to the moving actor i want to display the audio.
  • Adding the audio DIRECTLY to the actor (empty actor).
  • Adding the audio DIRECTLY to the (empty pawn).

I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help would be massively appreciated.

Audio export is currently very limited in rendering.