Attempting to Transfer Normal Tank Controller to HoverTank

I am currently going through a course on Udemy learning C++ through game programing. Part of the course is developing a Tank game. Half way through the course I realized that I dont understand a bit of what is going on and in order to truly understand the process of development I had to do things my own way. I am currently attempting to remap the TankController.cpp to a Hover Tank and change how the game plays. However, when I set the HoverTank as the default pawn and play the game the engine immediatly crashes and leaves the error messages listed below.

I am following this video for implementing the hovering tank Hover Vehicle 2018 (using Blueprints) - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube. (I know I know I left a tutorial to learn myself only to end up at another but implementing a function from scratch myself is a skill that I feel I have not fully developed yet).

And here is the code, GitHub - GhettoBurger996/UnrealBattleTank: A shoot em up game that pins you against different planets in an attempt to establish the strongest battle tank, set in a low gravity atmosphere the game is a wave based game set with multiple weapon types and a battle royal like world that shrinks. Players must constantly think on their feet to be one step ahead of their opponents!

According to the error the issue is with the TankTrack.cpp file and the TankMovementComponent.cpp file. I would really appreciate any advice as to how I can fix this issue.