Attempting to make Human Enemy

Two big questions. I’ve got the right skeleton, animations and whatnot loaded and working but I have a couple big problems that I am not quite sure how to address yet.

Firstly - Is it possible to force an NPC to spawn with equipment on? For example, could you force a Raptor to spawn with a saddle already equipped? I want to use something like this to force my NPC to spawn with chitin armor and a spear equipped and I am not quite sure how to do this yet. If it’s not possible with the current dev kit I’d love to know now because it’s a key feature for the total conversion mod I am working on to have human NPC’s with pre-equipped gear, if it’s not possible to do yet then I’ll start work on something else.

Secondly - My NPC’s mesh and capsule are not lining up like they should. When I add the NPC in to the test level the capsule is always WAY off from the mesh’s position and the mesh winds up getting stuck in the ground. I can still kill the NPC by shooting it in the face until it’s dead, but it can’t get itself out of the ground to start moving around or attacking back or anything yet.

Has anyone had any success making Human enemies yet?

Update on Progress:

Managed to get the gear equipped. What I had to do was I had to add new skeleton mesh’s underneath the main mesh. I have the animations linked up and ready to go… problem is they never wind up 100% lined up with the Human Male mesh. It’s always either just in front of or just behind, even if I set transform parameters. Seems like the lining up issue with the capsule is affecting the equipment meshes as well.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem with the mesh sinking into the ground causing my NPC to run in place with the capsul far off somewhere else.

I figured out the problem with the character’s mesh sinking into the ground, but I still cannot get the skeletal meshes for equipment to line up with the character mesh. The armor animates properly it’s just a couple feet off to the side, and the weapon refuses to animate or do anything other than be stuck to the model’s feet and disappear completely when the character dies.

Any thoughts?

can you share how to fix the mesh sinking?

It’s a problem with the animation blueprint. As a “temp” workaround you can set it to none and add animations by hand to each spot that uses them.