Attempting to Embed Media: An unexpected error was returned: 'invalid_page_url' (unexpected_error)

I am not sure where else in the forums to put this, but this issue relates to the use of the Unreal Engine Forums (by all means, please redirect me to the appropriate forum if there is one relating to support for the use of the Unreal Engine Forums).

For another forum post (under Work In Progress, located at:…-to-be-defined), there is a link to a video on that post (which correctly takes one to the YouTube page with the video on it), but attempting to have it embedded in the forum post (via Upload Attachments->Upload from URL, for the link: causes the error ‘An unexpected error was returned: ‘invalid_page_url’ (unexpected_error)’ to be shown to me via a dialog box.

I am not sure why this is happening or if this is not the correct manner to have one’s media embedded in a forum post, here on the Unreal Engine Forums.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue, as I have seen videos of other users’ work in the Work In Progress forum, embedded in their posts and would like to embed a video that shows a state of my project into the aforementioned forum post.

My thanks in advance.

You can’t upload a Youtube video - you can however toggle the advanced editor, and ‘insert video’, using the Youtube URL.

Ah, thanks for the advice ambershee :).